History of Tabbed Content:

tabbed content

For the last few years, Google has adapted its guidelines for hidden content, largely to comply with modifications for executing JavaScript, and to pave the manner for the creation of the mobile-first index. 

Before 2014, Google listed tabbed content. The crawler and indexer were less advanced, not having translation capabilities. When it came to content hidden through JavaScript, Google simply listed the webpage source. 

In the month of November of the identical year, things modified while during a Google Webmaster Hangout, John Mueller found out that the search engine had truly been discounting hidden content for “quite a while.” 

This amazed many in the SEO community, however, Google stated little extra on the subject till November 2016, while Gary Illyes stated in a Twitter conversation that the mobile-first index must truly have full indexing ability, as tabbed content on mobile is considered to be a part of an excellent consumer experience. 

He also said at the SMX West in June 2017, that it could take up to five years for the mobile-first index to completely roll out. 

A little extra information was found in October 2017, while John Mueller clarified that tabbed content can be considered a part of the mobile-first index in the situation that it is loaded on the preliminary Document Object Model (DOM). 

He also made certain to observe that if the content is loaded after clicking on a tab, it’ll not be considered for indexing. 

The subsequent massive bounce within the mobile-first index timeline was near the end of March 2018, at the same time as Google officially introduced roll out and said that it might now be increasingly using the cell variations of site content for indexation. 

Tabbed Content for SEO:  

So the question is whether or not the tabbed content is search engine friendly but how you may properly implement this. Google has ranked websites based on their consumer experience which is why the tabbed content SEO traditionally has been visible less weighty in the search engine outcomes in comparison to SEO terms, which display up while the webpage loads. The consumer searching out a set object can skim an opening page to get what they’re searching for. They will not open the tabs and click through to the content that isn’t immediately displayed. This follows suit while the searcher lands on the webpage as the keyword is in the hidden or tabbed field, frequently they’ll leave that website without further looking. For the consumer, the internet site appears to have overlooked a mark of what they may be searching for, hence user experience is negative here. 

Accordion Content and SEO:  

The accordion content is one term that is derived from the device itself. It is one manner of making links or lists on the internet page to arrange the content in a higher manner. Users will open more information just by clicking out to expose larger content. It is a famous design characteristic for plenty of reasons. However, for the SEO purposes, this was thought that the search engine phrases which were used on the front webpage, and what’s visible by the consumer without even clicking in hidden fields, were quite valuable. 

It has been debated for a long how precious the SEO phrases were in these hidden fields, including tabbed content, accordion content and sliding menus. Google has not launched this type of recommendation and official statements over how they rank content that is in the hidden fields. We understand that Google crawls such content, however, test data earlier confirmed that content inside the hidden field has been handled with less vital than search engine content that isn’t always hidden. 

If SEO is not useful in the Hidden Fields, then why use it? 

There’re many outstanding motives for the usage of exclusive design options, which permit the hidden fields. Many websites make use of such functions especially for measuring the engagement in addition to supporting them to construct the advertising and marketing funnel. They will accumulate analytics on the customers that take the proper action by clicking directly to the subsequent section of the content. In some cases, the hidden fields may also simply be the measure of enhancing the consumer experience. The design lets customers determine how much content they are willing to see. For example, one person may also glean all they need from an opening webpage. Another person would love to dig a lot deeper and open hidden fields for getting extra information on a few aspects of the webpage and services. 

There was never a bad element of using any hidden fields, except the incapability of having the SEO phrases which are ranked from the content. Most of the content creators simply tailored the SEO efforts for loading web page content, in place of any hidden content fields. 

So, what makes this matter a little bit more convoluted is the truth that Google has not formally launched any stance on if it is great to apply SEO within side the hidden fields. Prominent thought that they may be weighted very less is based on the experience, even though that is difficult to quantify or test. 

How to avoid Tabbed Content and provide a positive user experience? 

Suppose you are thinking your internet site page has “a whole lot of information”, then keep away from any urge to slap over the bunch of tabs. But, leverage the energy of the anchor text, and in which you may click on the subtopic or right away drop to the part of a webpage. 

The complete content disclosure with the aid of using the anchor text navigation can get rewarded through Google. This will make sure a delightful consumer experience and result in the Search Engine & UX win-win! 


The end goal is ensuring the pages of your website are comprehensive, interesting, precious and crawlable when still keeping a satisfying consumer experience. 

If certain pages of your internet site could use a boost, unmasking tabbed/accordion content material can be the key! 


Additional Readings: https://www.serpwizard.com/tabbed-content-for-seo-in-2020/


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