Advanced Link Building

advanced link building

Are you still using old-school link-building tactics to boost your search engine rankings? If that’s the case, you’re probably not seeing good results. This tutorial will show you how to get more high-quality backlinks and brand mentions from various channels and relevant websites using nine different tactics.

Guest posting, blog commenting, forum conversations, Quora answers, and social media promotion are all still viable options. However, they are insufficient to gain access to Google’s first page. On the other hand, Google’s extensive link criteria are threatening to penalise outdated link-building tactics.

Spam methods include paid links, link exchanges, and offering goodies in exchange for links. However, link building remains as important as it was before recent Google algorithm changes. Backlinks and brand signals are crucial ranking aspects, according to Backlinko’s newest list of Google’s 200 ranking variables. Given Google’s criteria and the importance of backlinks, you’ll need to transition to expert SEO link building tactics to increase your chances of ranking.

Let’s take a look at the 9 advanced link-building tactics that will help you avoid penalisation while also increasing your ranks by 2X.

  1. Skyscraper Tactic

Although original content is still the top most important aspect, quantity and quality also play equally important roles. Companies are focused on creating better content than what is already available. This is called the evergreen Skyscraper technique. This advanced link building strategy involves finding the best content about your keywords and creating a 10 times better version of it. This means you will be creating high-quality content that people will want to share and link to. You can use tools like BuzzSumo, YouTube, Quora, and of course Google searches to find the best content and then use the skyscraper technique to create a better version.

Look for high-authority sites that will publish your work as a guest post if you create excellent content in the same manner. Ideally, you should seek out sites that are in the same industry as the one where the initial post was found. Because, if the content is relevant to their target, there’s a larger likelihood they’ll accept it.

If the content is in a different format, you can also contact the website where you originally found it and ask if they would be interested in posting it on their site.

Another sophisticated link-building method is to publish the completed content on your blog so that other websites can link back to you.

2. Spy on Your Competitors

What are the backlink strategies of your competitors? Keep an eye on them to see where their links come from and what anchor texts they’re employing. There are several competitor keyword research tools that aid in the analysis of your competitors’ most successful keywords and complex link-building techniques.

You don’t have to replicate them, but you can use their ideas as inspiration. You can use the skyscraper strategy once again if you figure out their link-building strategies. Do a better job than your competition at whatever they’re doing.

You can contact sites or people who link to your competition and offer them far better content. This increases your chances of receiving backlinks from sites that provide link juice to your competition.

Content Creation Link Building

3. Publish Original Research

Now that you’ve learnt how to use the existing content, it’s time to come up with something new. Conducting research is one of the most advanced link-building tactics. Surveys or even hypothesis-based research could be used to accomplish this. Then, publish, promote, and develop content based on your findings. In this manner, you’ll be able to come up with a variety of fresh content ideas. People also want to be able to link to original research and studies that are relevant to their sector. As a result of this comprehensive link-building method, you will receive a large number of backlinks.

Don’t be concerned if your findings aren’t perfect. Unexpected outcomes and viewpoints that contradict the majority of people’s expectations may lead to even better links when people respond with their replies. You can also create a case study of your accomplishments in addition to this type of research. People love to link to original case studies to back up their assertions, therefore this is one of the most effective advanced link building tactics. These case studies can also be published on other respectable sites in your field.

4. Mention Influencers

How often do you use examples, statements, and case studies of industry influencers? Have you considered informing them that you mentioned them? Maybe they are too powerful an influencer, and you decided to avoid them. However, I would recommend mentioning them each time you use one of their samples in your material. Even if they don’t answer, their followers could be interested in what you’re saying. Because you provide backlinks, the influencers are likely to appreciate it as well.

When you include their examples or quotations in a blog post, simply mentioning them when sharing might result in a lot of interaction. It could show to be a highly powerful advanced link building approach for your brand if done correctly.

5. Create an Abundance of Content

Content is key and huge volumes of content can be created in a short time. This can be done by creating multiple formats of a single piece of content.

This entails writing a lengthy article and then turning it into videos, podcasts, infographics, and other forms of media. This helps to reduce the stress of coming up with new content ideas for different platforms.

Create a content calendar that allows you to produce at least one long-form piece of content per week. Split it up into different formats and share it on social media channels that are relevant to your audience.

Videos for YouTube, photographs for Instagram, podcasts for iTunes, and so on are just a few examples. You will receive more backlinks if you have a strong presence across numerous media. You may use the same content model for your advanced link-building approach because it will allow you to produce more material in less time and with less effort.

Expanded Network Link Building

6. Influencer Link Building

Influencers are people who have devoted, pre-existing audiences in specific fields. They are consistently producing material to grow and engage their fan base. As a result, they might be an important part of your comprehensive link-building plan.

You can gain direct access to their followers, who are also your target audience, by forming a collaboration with industry-specific influencers. As they promote your content, products, and services to their audiences, they will become brand advocates, helping you to gain backlinks. To begin, find significant influencers in your niche and explore promotional prospects with them.

7. Create Link-Rich Wikis

If you don’t currently have information on Wikipedia for your company, now is the time to start. Wikipedia definitions appear in Google’s snippet area, or at the very least the sidebars.

You can simply attract the attention of thousands of people looking for new information if you have a Wiki presence. As a result, one of the most effective advanced link-building tactics is to create Wikipedia descriptions containing a lot of relevant connections to your site.

Claim Your Links

8. Reclaim Your Links

Have you gone through all of the links you’ve acquired in the past and kept a check on them? Is it even possible that they’re still available?

If you’re not sure, check to see if those old links are still active. If you can’t find them, they may have been broken or removed. To reclaim your links, contact the publishers. Among advanced link-building strategies, this is one of the simplest tactics.

9. Find and Fix Broken Backlinks

Broken backlinks, also known as broken inbound links, are broken links on third-party websites that redirect to your website. Broken backlinks occur when the page with the backlink is removed or when the publisher of a third-party site mistypes it. They could have added on extra characters at the end of the URL.

To keep the link juice flowing and boost your advanced link building plan, find all the broken backlinks and fix them.

You may use the Broken Link Checker extension for Google Chrome to find and fix broken backlinks to your site.

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