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What do you mean by SEO Outreach?

To put it as simply as possible, SEO outreach is a collection of actions and procedures aimed at assisting a firm in gaining a better understanding of its link potential.

In general, the goal of SEO outreach is to obtain high-quality, useful links from reputable websites.

The practice of reaching out to prospects to boost a company’s SEO efforts is known as SEO outreach.

Many businesses hire link building agencies and marketers to assist them. Others utilise their own resources to implement digital marketing strategies. A few of them also use a combination of the two.

What is the point of doing this?

It’s crucial because backlinks are one of the most effective aspects in helping websites rank higher in Google’s search algorithm.

Only 5.7 percent of all pages score high in search engines within a year after their debut, according to a 2020 research by Ahrefs.

It might be discouraging to write amazing content or put in a lot of effort into building your web pages just to have it go unrecognised.

That’s where a well-executed and well-thought-out outreach strategy comes in to ensure that your high-quality material is well-received.

Given the importance of quality backlinks in improving a site’s organic ranks, a strong and effective outreach campaign may provide several advantages, including:

  • Get your website liked to white-hat websites
  • Build helpful content partners
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Increase referral traffic
  • Improve your website’s domain authority
  • Maximize social media shares

The Different Types of Backlinks You Can Get From SEO Outreach

Taking a deeper look at the many types of backlinks you can receive from reaching out to prospects will help you understand the complete process.

Let’s get started with the first type.

  1. Broken Link Building

What exactly is it?

Let’s imagine you come across a popular blog that has a broken link to a website that is related to yours.

Because no one loves broken links, in this scenario, you should take the broken link as a chance to contact the blogger and inform them that one of their links is broken.

It would be ideal if you had a related resource that the prospect could link to and use to replace the broken link, so improving their readers’ experience.

  1. Infographics

The infographics are the second sort of SEO outreach we provide for you.

What exactly is it?

When you have a variety of linkable assets on your blog, it’s easier and more efficient to reach out to individuals and ask for a link.

Referring to a well-made infographic or another linkable item, such as research, is, in other words, one of the most effective strategies to gain inbound links to your website.

  1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is closely related to SEO, thus it wouldn’t have been left out of our list.

What exactly is it?

Guest blogging is a fantastic way to acquire links.

It’s all about advertising yourself and your brand so that more people are aware of it, as well as engaging with individuals and forming collaborations.

Guest blogger outreach is the practice of contacting individuals and requesting them to let you write a guest post on their blog in exchange for links to your business and link partners.

As you might expect, this is a win-win situation for everyone involved, as you get to advertise your company while your prospects get to post an SEO-optimized piece of content on their blog.

  1. Unlinked Brand Mentions

The fourth form of SEO outreach that should be mentioned is the outreach you’d conduct in the event of a brand mention that isn’t linked.

If you’ve been mentioned in one of someone’s blog entries but they haven’t linked back to you, you may contact them and politely request a link.

Given that the prospect already knows who you are and is likely familiar with your company, this may happen organically.

  1. Link Reclamation

Another reason to conduct some SEO outreach activity is for link reclamation, which is similar to the unlinked brand references mentioned above.

What exactly is it?

As the name implies, link reclamation is the act of attempting to reclaim a previously deleted link.

To put it another way, imagine someone sent you a link six months ago, but the link is no longer active, despite the fact that the material is still relevant and your link would fit well in the prospect’s piece.

In that instance, all you have to do is utilize the power of email marketing to reintroduce your link to the game.

However, how are you expected to know which links are no longer active?

Finding them can take a long time, but it may be simpler than you think. You can use the Ahrefs Backlink Checker.

You can easily verify your backlink profile for any missing links. You may also choose a certain timeframe for which you’d like to get information. You may also go over your recently lost links and see which ones you believe are worth restoring.

  1. Resource Pages

The resource pages are the sixth kind, and one of the most frequent for SEO outreach.

What exactly is it?

Resource pages are all about engaging with and contacting prospects that have written material that is related to you and your business but didn’t mention you.

It may, for example, be a handbook that discusses a number of your rivals and is aimed at your target demographic.

In this scenario, you may reach out to them and explain why you believe your company would be a good fit for their piece of content, as well as how it can help them improve it.

  1. Roundups

Let’s take a look at another popular SEO marketing strategy: roundups.

What exactly is it?

Roundups are all about gathering information on a topic – whether it’s linked to useful resources or expert’s comments – and sharing it with your audience.

In other words, well-structured outreach efforts can benefit you whether you want to conduct an expert roundup with experts in your sector offering their thoughts on a certain issue or you want to participate in link roundups that others have published.

In every scenario, you must reach out to individuals, establish a relationship, and clearly explain what your roundup is about and why you should be included in their link roundup.

  1.  Content and Brand Promotion

Content and brand marketing is the second last type of SEO Outreach.

What exactly is it?

The practice of contacting a prospect and informing them of a piece of content you’ve published or a service your company provides is known as content and brand marketing outreach. Such an outreach email is generally in reaction to something the prospect has just written.

  1. Content Partnerships

Content partnerships are the last type of SEO outreach.

What exactly is it?

Reaching out to individuals in your niche to create a relationship and explore the prospect of collaboration is what content partnership outreach is all about.

How many times have you felt that working with that influencer, writer, or brand would benefit both you and the other party?

Writing a dynamite email to someone describing why you’d form a fantastic partnership in terms of the content you both generate is a terrific place to start when it comes to improving your SEO and increasing brand recognition.


SEO outreach is an important aspect of any SEO strategy.

You now have a better understanding of the various approaches to use when reaching out to prospects for link building purposes.

Keep in mind that you’ll need the latest link-building software that’s both economical and simple to use to do this task.

If you’re ready to start your first SEO outreach campaign, you should look into SEO outreach service providers that can assist your company to grow.

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The goal of SEO outreach is to obtain high-quality, useful links from reputable websites

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SEO outreach is an important aspect of any SEO strategy

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Content and brand marketing is the second last type of SEO Outreach.

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