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lda and SEO


Guidelines for LDA and SEO SEOmoz published some information about LDA, or Latent Dirichlet Allocation, a little over a week ago. Some SEOs appear to believe this is a game-changer, but it isn’t. In truth, the notion isn’t new, but too many SEOs have recently been preoccupied with link building and social networking at the …

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What is Clustering? When you are looking to study something, say music, one technique is probably used to search for significant groups or collections. You would possibly organize music by genre, while your pal would possibly prepare music by decade. How you select group objects let you understand more about them as individual pieces of …

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cosine similarity

Cosine Similarity

COSINE SIMILARITY and SEO Quiz Cosine similarity in seo is a metric used to measure how comparable the files are regardless of their size. Mathematically, it calculates the cosine of the perspective among vectors projected in a multi-dimensional space.  This is effective because although the two comparable files are far aside through the Euclidean distance (because of …

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cooccurrence matrix

Co-Occurrence Metrix

Co-Occurrence Matrix And SEO There has been much discussion in the search world about “co-citation” and “cooccurrence matrix” for quite some time. These two words, which fundamentally mean the same thing, have been dubbed the “next big thing” in SEO and are even thought to represent the next wave of Google change. If co-occurrence and …

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Bag of Words

BAG OF WORDS MODEL AND SEO The well-known quote by Gertrude Stein is a nice instance that indicates how complex human language can be. The word is ambiguous and allows for a couple of interpretations. Stein said as follows “the poet should use the name of the factor and the factor was there.” A curious …

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What is TF-IDF in SEO? While using the TF-IDF method isn’t unique to the world of SEO, Moz defines it best:   TF-IDF stands for term frequency-inverse document frequency. It’s a textual content evaluation method that Google makes use of as a ranking factor — it indicates how essential a phrase or word is to a …

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cora seo


CORA and SEO The only SEO product on the market that automatically responds to Google changes is Cora SEO Software. Cora SEO Software analyses up to 2040 ranking elements, finds the strongest, and tells you how much your website needs! Other low-cost knockoffs of our approach assess factors, but they are hard-coded based on the …

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