Technical SEO Modules

edge seo

Edge SEO

Edge SEO Edge SEO refers to the use of edge computing technologies to develop new SEO implementation, testing, and research methods that are outside of our present operating parameters. We will concentrate on leveraging Cloudflare Workers, which are serverless technologies that allow JavaScript to be executed on the edge without affecting the underlying infrastructure. Cloudflare Workers …

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response codes optimization

Response Codes Optimization

Response Codes Optimization The hypertext transfer protocol(HTTP) manages the interaction between browsers and websites in the World Wide Web’s client-server architecture. This protocol is an official web standard that was first introduced in 1991. Almost all web traffic is routed through HTTP. The study of HTTP status codes is an important aspect of a technical SEO audit because it allows …

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mobile seo tools

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO Mobile SEO is the process of optimising a website for search engines while also ensuring that it can be seen flawlessly on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Because of the growing use of mobile devices, webmasters should pay close attention to their mobile SEO strategy. The reason for this is that …

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internal link profile optimization

Internal Link Profile Optimization

Internal Link Profile Optimization Search engine optimization (SEO) is based on a thorough knowledge of control at its foundation. Making strategic moves in areas you can affect will have an impact on your success in areas you can’t, such as Google’s latest search engine algorithm. One strategy is to supply your clients with high-quality, content-rich keywords …

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