Link Building Tools

link building tools

Link building is all about reaching out to influencers or webmasters or journalists or popular bloggers and persuade them to link out to your content. It is possible to build links without tools but it is a time taking process and hence tools come handy.

Link building campaigns are an important part of the SEO Process and using the right tools makes this work easier. The tools which are considered best amongst all the ones available are those which help remove manual labour and automate maximum tasks without errors.

  • SEMrush backlink gap tool

Backlink analysis is one of the best ways to start a link building campaign. This tool helps you compare your own profile with that of your competitor and shows untapped link building opportunities. You need to add few competitor domains and you can then see the backlinks they share which are untapped by your own website. The links are graded as weak, strong, shared and unique.

  • Google search

Google search operators are helpful in finding resource pages, link roundups , guest posts, bloggers, journalists and much more. Using this you can find guest post opportunities very easily and build up your outreach list. It also helps you in finding the impact or authority of website for free and helps maintain your SEO quality.

  • Scrapebox

Scrapebox is a tool which helps you harvest search engine results in a matter of seconds. It reduces manual labour to a great extent and saves your valuable time. You can now use that time to reach out to scraped prospects and request backlinks to your website.

  • Google alerts 

Google alerts helps you stay ahead and proactive. So every time someone mentions you online , it showcases you with alerts and gives you the opportunity to turn mentions into links. You can also find trending topic very easily and analyse competitor websites and their posts.

  • HARO

HARO is a platform which connects journalists through a series of E-mails weekly to quality business owners for comments, mentions and links. Align with the relevant topics from the available list and you are good to go for linking.

  • SEMrush link building tool

This tool is perfect to launch link building campaigns as it is designed to help you capitalize and acquire high quality backlinks in your area of expertise. You can find hundreds of backlinks as well as use custom E-Mail templates and track status of links you are attempting to create. You also have the option of seeing your domain authority score and getting alerts on link building.

  • Hunter

It is very difficult to fish out relevant and appropriate E-Mail addresses for link building opportunities. So if you feel your content can add value to an organization or individual but do not have the E-Mail address, simply add the organization name in hunter and it fishes out a list of E-Mail addresses for you to connect with.

  • GroupHigh

Good content needs to be shared and well known to netizens, that’s where GroupHigh steps in. It helps distribute your content and make it fast track in terms of reach. You can use this platform to find new prospects who share similar views as you and further amplify your content through influencers of high authority domains. GroupHigh has the world’s largest database of relevant and current online blogs. Moreover , it also helps you analyse your reach efforts.

  • Google Sheets 

It is very important to plan and manage your entire link building workflow or process in a very organized manner. Google sheet is not a technical link building tool , but it is a facilitator in the link building campaign process. It can also be used to analyse web scrapes, store a huge list of prospects and track progress along with creating a database of acquired links. It also gives you the option of working together within teams by collaboration or sharing as it is versatile and robust to help you build an error free workflow.

  • SEMrush Brand monitoring tool

If you have enough number of brand mentions online but less links , it is high time that you convince bloggers or journalists to add links. It helps boost your PR Strategy. The SEMRush brand monitoring tool can be used and the “link to website” feature can be explored to see those that are not linking. It also helps you add a date range to your search so that you are relevant. Reach out to those unlinking mentions and request them further to add links.

While we use the right set of link building tools , we can’t ignore the new age chrome extensions which every link campaigner or builder must know about.

  • Check my links 
  • NoFollow
  • Scraper
  • LinkClump
  • SEOquake

  • Check my links 

This is a powerful extension which helps by crawling webpages and check for broken links. It helps you in developing broken link building campaigns and weed out links leading to dead pages from your website if any.

  • Nofollow

Nofollow helps you outline nofollow links on a webpage and saves a lot of manual labour and time since you do not have to view the source of the page to inspect elements. This speeds up your linking report.

  • Scraper

Scraper helps you create a repository of data from web pages and save them as spreadsheets. This is an effective way to scrape SERPs and find link building opportunities or compile data.

  • Linkclump

One of the most common ant time taking problems which campaigners face is checking out potential link building opportunities straight from search engines and opening multiple tabs by right clicking. Linkclump solves this problem by saving few seconds every page as it helps you open multiple links simultaneously. It is user friendly and as easy as dragging a selection box around links we want to utilize.

  • SEOquake

This is a powerful toolbox which helps you carry multiple SEO tasks from your browser. It helps you quick viewing of all major SEO Metrics or checklists, analyse SERPs and exporting CSVs, estimating keyword difficulty of a search query, analysing internal and external links and running a complete SEO audit of a web page.

It is however important to use the tools as facilitators and not depend on them entirely to do your SEO campaigning or link building job. It will help you compete on search engines for rankings but only when you combine your efforts with organized outreach E-Mails to build your link building network.


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Link Building tools

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