Mobile SEO tools

mobile seo tools

In a few years after the explosion of smartphones, mobile search has become quite normal and mostly all the marketing community has adapted pretty well to change as well as businesses have switched over to responsively designed websites. The basics of mobile SEO are known mostly to all SEOs. In the year of continued mobile search growth with tablet devices hitting the mainstream and Smartphones now, the normal catering for these devices has become standard practice for success online. It is very important to understand how the visitors are using the devices and how your site is performing about desktop search then only by putting in place a mobile marketing strategy you can look to improve performance. 

A whole host of tools is provided by Google like Our Mobile Planet, Mobile meter, Pagespeed insights, google AdWords keyword tool, Google webmaster tools, google sites, google mobile ads, google analytics and many more which can help you to understand and analyse mobile device usage on your website and will improve your performance through this channel. Our Mobile planet tool allows you to view data about the mobile users that Google has gathered you can select your key demographic and other potential customers and view the key differences between the two different years. This data can be a part of your research for your clients and especially if management buy-in is needed to confirm budgets on mobile site implementation and also could be used in blog posts or infographics. 

For testing your site there are many tools but Google’s mobile metre is one of the best tools which gives you an overview of how your site looks and performs on a mobile and it is a part of Google’s excellent mobilize your site resource which has lots of other information on mobile sites. To test speed from both a desktop and mobile perspective the PageSpeed insight tool is the best and is very useful to see where the easiest performance improvements can be gained in terms of download speed as site speed is considered part of Google’s algorithm so fixing issues could result in a real impact on mobile search positions.

Next one of the amazing tools is the Google keyword tool which gives a guideline on monthly volume in searches as well as looking at desktop searches this tool can also show data for searches on mobile devices you just simply have to select advanced options then show ideas and statistics needed for and then next select mobile. To see seasonal fluctuations the local search trends can be added if keyword searches are increasing in volume you have to select columns and local search Trends over there. This will show a simple bar graph but it will give some figures over time if you download it and it is what checking your target keywords and investigating potential local search variations. 

By comparing it you have to monitor the accuracy of the data against your visits from search terms in high positions. If you are investigating your mobile site then Webmaster Tools also has many useful features for you and if you have mobile-specific content and to see if different mobile GoogleBots can fetch your pages ok you need to test. For checking your mobile site setup and investigating any poor search results or any performance issues then this Webmaster tool is very useful. Mobile site maps can be added in Google Webmaster Tools if you redirect mobile users to specific versions of URLs. For more information, you have to check the mobile sitemap specification. 

Next one of the best tools is Google sites using which you can very easily build a mobile landing page and this could also be useful to build a test or mock-up and see how it performs. And they also have different templates for several types of landing pages. If you do not use AdWords then with a multitude of segmentation options between tablet and mobile phones somewhere you might be missing out on extracting the maximum amount of ROI for your marketing spend. A whole series of the blog is getting the most from ads but there is a whole host of options Google has developed for mobile devices. Some of the potential methods to look at that can drive traffic to your mobile landing pages using mobile ads are phone numbers in ads using click to call, seller ratings, location targeting, Mobile Ad Sitelinks, location extensions and view the superb mobile ads blog for the latest updates or case studies and others. 

Next comes Google Analytics which everyone is aware of using it. For mobile SEO analysis, Google Analytics is the most obvious and free tool and at a basic level, you will be helped to find out how mobile traffic is performing relative to the desktop by understanding Google analytics. It can easily find out which mobile devices are working well and it is even possible to hook analytics up to track downloads of mobile apps although Google also has a set of standard reports just for mobile and it is what spending more or sometimes setting up advanced segments and custom reports so that you can see the exact data you need. 

Mobile SEO page analyser is another very useful mobile tone which comes from the developers at Pure Oxygen Labs. A paid service is provided by pure oxygen but their basic SEO audit is free and you are just required to submit your email address. The information report provided by this mobile SEO page analyser will be somewhat useful only if you have some Awareness of server and page signals as it is not a huge amount of information but it is enough to give you some insight and action points. As the information in Google’s reports, the information over here is not directly applicable as this report does not explain to you that you need to minify your CSS however few very important and helpful information points are provided by this tool about your site that can help you to plan mobile improvements.



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