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onpage seo tools


On Page SEO is very critical when it comes to optimizing your content and getting more traffic. It plays a key role in making your website rank higher. Implementing on-page SEO is very popular with the help of amazing free tools which are available on the internet.

The importance of On-Page SEO 

There is a certain mode of interpretation which goes behind search engines and analysis which helps readers reach the results of their search. The content on your pages is analysed and hence the goal should be to display fully optimized content with carefully selected keywords. This is done to encourage search engines to index and rank you in search results. In the absence of on-page SEO, it is highly possible that you lag behind in the competition. You might never get to know that customers are skipping your website and navigating to your competitors’ sites because they have more optimized content than you and a more powerful backlinking profile.

The key elements of On page SEO 

There are certain factors which directly determine the success rate of your SEO Efforts. The one which tops the list of importance is the actual keyword which one chooses to target. If your keyword chosen is too competitive, it is highly possible that you will never rank irrespective of proper page optimization.

Hence performing a robust keyword research is crucial which helps figure out phrases with a high search volume. Also, many keywords are ranked and graded based on the level of difficulty for website targeting.

Once they correct keywords are fished out , the on-page SEO efforts further should be streamlined to place the keywords strategically. It is important to optimize and centre your page around these chosen keywords and avoid mistakes like keyword stuffing in your content. It is important to take care of things like title tags, header tags, alt tags and the overall content optimization itself.

There are various tools available in the market for On-Page Optimization like – 

  • SEOCrawler

One of the leading on page SEO tools is SEOCrawler which has helped more than 1000 business organizations optimize their content aptly with the right chosen keywords.

They have a Site auditor tool which helps you analyse your pages in just a single click. This tools generates a result which helps you gain insights about your page vitals which includes page speed , keyword optimization, duplicate content ,broken links , duplicate tags etc. It helps you save loads of manual work which would take hours to complete.

It is a great tool since it automates the entire analysis process very seamlessly and saves both time and money. It also shows a checklist of areas to work upon or gaps which your pages have. It is almost like hiring an in house SEO consultant who advices you and ensures that you on page SEO is done correctly. Once you make changes, you also have the option of tracking your rank  through the rank tracker feature. It will show where you rank on the keywords you have chosen to use on your website

  • Ahref

The Ahref keyword explorer has gained a lot of popularity too as it aids keyword research. Keyword research is a vital part of On page SEO since it helps in optimization of pages and helps reach your SEO Optimization goals. Tools like Ahref explorer exist in the market because they allow you to find new keywords which you can target. It displays backlink data for the ranking pages and also single scores which helps you compare keywords. It helps you find keywords that your competitors are ranking for or other websites which rank on search engines. You have the option of adding domains rather than just a seed keyword and find out which keyword or keywords is the website ranking for. If your website covers a wide range of services or products , this website is ideal for keyword generation.

  • Copyscape

We have emphasized enough on how important content is for your SEO Activity. It is however very important to understand that if your content is not unique and copied , google will track down your game very soon. One can’t get away with duplicate content. It is important to ensure that your writers or agency produces truly unique content which hasn’t been copied from any source. Copyscape is one tool which allows you to check how much unique is your content and check is against all records across the internet. When you feed in your content , Copyscape highlights those terms or lines which are duplicate from other sources across the internet so that you have the option of correcting them.

  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider tool

Screaming frog is one of the oldest tool available in the market which helps you in SEO Analysis. It is a very innovative tool which is a crawler and will go through all your on-site elements so that you can analyse them. It helps you fish out broken links on your website and ensures that all redirections are properly created. It also helps you analyse your page titles, generates XML Sitemaps and highlights duplicate content. It has the power of automation which one needs to manage vast amount of data. It has many features and the best part is it is that the results are pictorial which does not make the analysis monotonous.

  • Moz 

The best part about the Moz tool is that is very user friendly and incredibly hassle free. It is intuitive and is powered by a clean design which makes beginners very comfortable. It will give you an output which comprehensive enough and  is a good start to make alterations at a very granular level. It also compares your pages and SEO efforts to established good practices of SEO checklist and highlights areas which needs improvement.

  • Google Developers PageSpeed 

Page loading speed is also a determinant of search engine ranking. This tool helps analyse your page and point out key areas where you can work upon to improve our page loading speed and rank more higher in SERPs. Many users use different devices and different internet connections due to which it is very important for your website or page to be highly responsive. If you are not creating a responsive page , your page will not load easily and traffic will choose to migrate.


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Onpage SEO tools

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