What is an SEO Dashboard?

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SEO is one of the most essential factors of any online advertising and marketing campaign. If you’re not doing everything you can to optimize your website for search engines, you’re lacking out on lots of potential traffic and revenue. If you’re running a business, it’s essential to ensure that your website is as search engine friendly as possible. 

This means using the proper SEO tools and techniques to make sure that your website ranks high in search engine results pages (SERPs). One of the most crucial factors of search engine optimization (SEO) is being capable of tracking your development and measuring your success. 

That’s where SEO dashboard tools come in. These types of equipment provide you with an at-a-glance view of your website’s SEO health so that you can discover and fix any issues quickly. Not only that, but however they also give information about your website traffic and assist you to identify any potential issues. 

If you’re searching for the best SEO dashboard tools on the market, you’ve come to the proper place. In this blog post, we will discuss what SEO dashboard tools are and what to search for in one. We can even suggest a number of the top products on the market. So whether or not you’re a business proprietor or an SEO specialist, study on to discover which tool is proper for you!

An SEO dashboard device is a sort of software program that allows you to track your website’s SEO development and performance. It allows you to track, manage, and report on your SEO development. It also consolidates all your SEO data and information into one easy-to-use interface so that you can quickly and without difficulty see how your efforts are paying off. 

It will display you such things as your website’s keyword rankings, backlink counts, and organic traffic. This data is vital as it allows you to see what’s working and what isn’t. 

An SEO dashboard also can assist you to automate your SEO tasks. For example, if you’re monitoring your website’s keyword rankings, you may set up signals to inform you while your keywords drop in ranking. This way, you can take action to fix the problem earlier than it gets worse. 

Why you should use am SEO Dashboard Tool?  

An SEO dashboard tool can help you track your website’s development and overall performance over time. It also can assist you to discover areas of development and possibilities for growth. So, in case you want to ensure that your website is on the proper track, an SEO dashboard device is a precious addition to your toolbox. 

Additionally, an SEO dashboard device assists you to keep track of your competitors. SEO aims to rank better in Google search results so that it will ultimately lead to more traffic and conversions. This is why it’s essential to track your progress and performance. 

3 SEO Dashboard Tools to Build for Your Clients: 

To create technical SEO auditing, keyword research, and link building SEO tracking tools is quite easy with Google Data Studio. 

With the wide variety of customers out there, you’re bound to run into the occasional DIY marketer. These entrepreneurs prefer that you teach them the way to be self-sufficient instead of depending on you for each little question. 

These customers can be a blessing however also can be dangerous. The challenging factor of customer management is finding the balance between empowering them to get the information they want without feeling like they don’t need you. That’s where Google Data Studio equipment comes into play. 

By creating tools for customers, you allow them to do the real research it takes to accomplish SEO while still giving that much-needed maintenance and guidance that includes experience. 

  1. Technical SEO Auditing:  

Tracking technical SEO efforts can be hard to visualize. Sure, you may track it in a spreadsheet, but that isn’t client-friendly.  

For years, SEOs have tried to make dashboard trackers assist show improvements in website health over time. 

How to Copy the Dashboard?  

  • To copy the dashboard, at first, you have to click on the three dots in the top right 
  • Select make a copy 
  • Select your data source 

How to Setup the Technical SEO Tracker Tool?  

  • Setup a scheduled crawl 
  • Configure the export to a Google Sheet 
  • And then connect the Google Sheet to the Data Studio dashboard 
  1. Keyword Research: 

The presentation of keyword research takes many forms. Most recognizable is the easy spreadsheet. Some humans create keyword maps for every webpage or topic while others with smaller customers have a shortlist of keywords. 

However, Data Studio may be an effective analysis tool for larger websites with tens of thousands or millions of keywords. 

If you’re working with millions of keywords, then I would suggest you use BigQuery instead of using Google Sheets.  

First Step: Setting up Your Source Data 

The first step includes importing your keyword research into a Google Sheet. 

Second Step: Copy the Dashboard 

You’ll need to make a copy of the dashboard and connect your data source, whether it be Google Sheets or BigQuery.  

  1. Link Building Tracking Tool:

Link building is one of the tensest subjects SEOs like to avoid with clients. Links are difficult to earn and often the toughest thing to control.  

The best manner to earn the trust of customers and stakeholders is through transparency. Instead of dodging the information around link building, hand over the keys and allow them to discover the data for themselves. 

This is one of the more straightforward Data Studio tools we can create. You can pair any variety of dimensions and metrics to help illustrate your point. 


Data Studio is one of the quickest reporting tools to stand up while still having a few seriously robust features. The reality that it’s also free makes it an easy platform of choice. 

But that begs the question, why undergo all that hassle for customers and different stakeholders? 

These tools assist create a higher feel of transparency, which can assist enhance trust. Thus, creating a higher partnership between you and your stakeholders. 

One of the most difficult parts of SEO isn’t the work itself but the communication of value. So from now on, assume new innovative approaches to illustrate value to your clients, although it’s just creating a simple tool in Data Studio.

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