SEO job interviews

SEO Job Interviews


There is a wide opportunity for a career in the domain of SEO because every business,  website or digital marketing requires a high SEO ranking for generating more traffic. 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization jobs require experts in this field who will help to generate more traffic to a website by employing apt SEO techniques and strategies. If you dream to be an SEO analyst or SEO expert then you must prepare yourself for all sorts of questions related to SEO. Your profound knowledge, confidence and work experience will help you to achieve success in job interviews. 

Responsibilities of an SEO expert 

An SEO expert has to be an efficient content marketer. To increase the conversion rate of your website, he has to perform many roles together, for example,  working as a digital account executive, content marketer etc. So if you want to be an SEO expert, you have to

  • Know programming in Javascript, HTML and CSS
  • Install pay-per-click or PPC campaign to earn revenue for the company 
  • Set strategies to increase the visitors to your site 
  • Monitor  algorithms, use social media to spread content 
  • Organize authentic Backlinks
  • Develop exclusive content marketing strategies 
  • Use User Experience or UX and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to generate more traffic for your website 

If you wish to opt for a career as an SEO analyst or expert then you have to upgrade yourself with all types of questions related to SEO. Frequently asked questions can be categorized for your convenience. 

  • Your expertise related questions 

At the beginning of the interview questions related to your specialization, and job role can be asked. What is the role of an SEO expert as a content marketer? How do you do social media marketing for the company? What is your greatest success as an SEO expert? Are you an E-A-T(expert,  authoritative and trustworthy)? 

  • SEO related questions 

What is SEO, the importance of it, What is ranking in SEO, and What factors determine the SEO ranking? What is the ranking drop? How can you bounce back your ranking? How can you check your SEO success? Name some frequently used SEO tools, How to measure SEO success, is an SEO for a video required? Differences between on-page and off-page SEO? What are black hat SEO practices? Importance of  Hummingbird in search? What is the relation between SEO and SEM? What is the relation between SEO and PPC? Will web analysis measure SEO success? What is Domain Authority? What are SEO friendly plugins for WordPress? What is Cloaking? What is Alexa rank in SEO? What is Dwell time? How to calculate the ranking drop rate?

  • Keywords related questions 

What are keywords, describe keyword Density,  Proximity and Difficulty, long-tailed and short-tailed keywords, and What are LSI keywords? How can you do keyword research? What is a meta description? What are keywords stemming? Name different types of keywords.  What is keywords Density? 

  • Various texts related questions 

What are the differences between robots.?text and anchor text? What is a meta tag? What are rich snippets? What is Image Alt Text? 

  • Site map related questions 

What do you know about Google sandbox? What are HTML and XML sitemaps? 

  • What do you know about links and Backlinks 

What is link building? What is the relation between do-follow and no-follow links? What is the canonical issue? Why is a link audit important? What is the importance of internal links? What is an outbound link? What is cross-linking? How to remove toxic links from your site? 

  • Various tools related questions 

Why do you use a Webmaster tool? What are the important tools to check the Backlinks? 

  • Page related questions 

What should be an ideal page speed, How to redirect a page? What are Accelerated Mobile  Pages? What is a page rank? What is a landing page? What are doorway pages?

  • Result related  questions 

What are the differences between paid results and organic results? What is  SERP? 

  1. What are TLD,ccTLD, Google autocomplete, and what is a rank brain? 
  1. What is 301 redirect?
  2. What are Googlebot, Mobile-first indexing, Google Search Console, 
  3. What is a URL?
  4. What are the latest trends in Google search algorithms?
  5. What are Penguin, Pigeon, BERT, Medic, Link Spam, Dec Core 2020 and Panda updates?
  6. What are Spiders, Robots and Crawlers?
  7. What is Search Engine Submission?
  8. How does Google Ads work?
  9. What is CTR?
  10. What are HTTPS and SSL updates?
  11. What is Schema?
  12. What is blog commenting?

As an SEO expert, you have to prepare your area of specialization. There are some common questions asked in an interview.  But the answers can make you the selected one! These questions are 

  1. Tell me about yourself?

In your answer, you should mention your achievements,  positive qualities, and success stories of your life and career.

  1. Tell me about your greatest achievement so far?

If you apply as an experienced candidate then you must highlight all the roles you have performed as an SEO expert. You should tell in brief about your greatest achievement as an SEO expert. You should also add your contribution to the progress of the company. 

  1. Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

This question is very tricky and the answer should be open-ended. You should answer in a positive but balanced tone. Do not be overconfident. You should say that you believe in consistency and in 5 years you will be more experienced in your area. You will prove your worth to the company very successfully. 

  1. Why did you select SEO?

You should incorporate in your answer that SEO includes not only specialization in Search Engine Optimization but also SEM or Search Engine Marketing or Social Media Marketing (SSM). To flourish the business or reach more people an SEO expert is always required. 

So, if you want to crack SEO, or job interviews you have to possess mastery in your subject.  You must be fluent and clear in communication. Maintain a moderate tone while answering.  Be confident but do not be arrogant in the interview.  Always showcase your positive points and humbly acknowledge your weaknesses.


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SEO Job Interviews

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