SEO Team Building

seo team building

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an essential component of any digital marketing plan. As a result, it’s not uncommon for managers to consider forming their SEO team after a while.

There is a significant trend toward in-house marketing activities as organisations grow. According to a recent study, 90 percent of the companies surveyed are confident in taking this step, and 54 percent currently have an in-house SEO staff. This development can be attributed to several factors, including transparency and efficiency. An in-house SEO Dream Team ensures autonomy, agility in responding to rapidly changing conditions, and strategy control.

However, one question remains: how can businesses build a strong SEO team that will deliver the desired results?

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How Does an SEO Team Work?

First and foremost, it is critical to recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to building an in-house SEO team. As you’ll see in this article, this team is typically made up of individuals from various backgrounds that combine creative and technical abilities.

Content creators play an important part in SEO, and they work at a different speed than the rest of the team. They require space to experiment with new ideas and express their creativity.

Many businesses assign this staff to the IT department, which often results in disputes.

While having a separate team dedicated to SEO would be ideal, it is more customary for this group to be merged into the marketing department.

Nonetheless, your decision should take into account your unique situation as well as your company’s capabilities.

Whatever structure you adopt, keep in mind that SEO teams should be included in all major business decisions, particularly those that affect your website and product releases.

Your team will be able to build and change strategies as well as measure results to stay on track to meet your company’s SEO objectives.

How Should an SEO Team Be Structured?

The makeup of your SEO team will be determined by the nature of your organisation, your target market, and the approach you wish to pursue. These considerations also have an impact on the size of your workforce.

An in-house SEO team might be as small as two people or as large as tens of workers. What counts is how they combine their abilities and skills, as well as how well they are linked with your project’s overall goals. It’s also useful to know the most frequent functions a professional can play in an SEO team once you’ve considered your unique circumstances.

So, here’s a list we put together to assist you:

Team leader

Hiring an SEO-savvy team leader will save you a lot of time and effort. They should be able to offer you a list of resources that the team will require, and they should also know who to hire to achieve the desired objectives. So, our recommendation is to start here.

SEO Specialist

Someone with in-depth technical knowledge of SEO is needed for the post of SEO Specialist. This covers knowledge of how to write metadata, how to monitor search engine algorithms, how to design and integrate content marketing strategies, and more.

Outreach/Link Building Specialist

While an SEO Specialist should be able to handle link-building activities, it is always a good idea to have someone dedicated to content promotion and link building if the budget allows for it. Many firms, as well as top SEO companies, employ a professional dedicated to this.

SEO Manager

This position usually necessitates a combination of technical and managerial abilities.

While managing the other team members and keeping in contact with agencies and contractors, the SEO manager frequently assists in the formulation of the SEO strategy.


One of the pillars of SEO is content. As a result, copywriters are an important part of the team.

Keep in mind that these are highly creative individuals that require freedom and space to fully immerse themselves in their work and generate the best potential results, so keep that in mind when assembling your team.

Building SEO Team that Brings Results?

We’ve already touched on this, but it’s worth repeating: a successful SEO team should be made up of people with a variety of SEO abilities so that they can solve both technical and creative difficulties.

Other processes include budgeting and strategy planning, as well as organizational concerns.

Check out the following pointers on how to put together a great SEO team:

1. Get the correct mix of people on board

As previously stated, an SEO Dream Team consists of people with exceptional skills from a variety of backgrounds, and it is difficult to find someone proficient in all — or even two — of them.

When hiring an in-house SEO team, seek professionals that are knowledgeable in the following areas:

Make sure to keep this in mind when creating your company’s job openings.

2. Make a budget

Having said that, developing a budget for your in-house SEO staff should be the first step.

Keep in mind that this will be influenced by the criteria we’ve discussed as well as the location of your organisation.

There’s no getting around it: you’ll need to conduct some research and compare the salaries of top SEO professionals in the region you’re considering hiring.

The budget should also include basic SEO tools and training, ensuring that your personnel are always on top of their game.

The amount you spend on them should be roughly 10% of the total salary of the team, but this can vary depending on where you are in the business development process. 

3. Establish goals

As you can see, the first step in forming an excellent SEO team is to establish a budget.

Let’s say you did the math based on your circumstances and came up with a total of $108,000 each year — or $9,000 every month.

Define a percentage of this value that you would like to receive as a return on your investment in the team based on this amount. 

Let’s use a percentage of 25% as an example. To justify the money invested in the SEO team, your target should be a $27,000 increase in monthly revenue.

It should be easy to construct an accurate plan with this amount in mind to ensure you reach the profit margin you set out to achieve.

Finally, the Team is Prepared! What to do Next?

As you can see, assembling an SEO team capable of delivering the outcomes you desire involves thorough strategy, effort, and time.

If you follow these procedures, though, you’ll be well on your way to putting together the Dream Team.

There is just one thing left to do: keep pushing your staff to achieve ever-better results.

This does not imply putting your team under duress, as this would most likely lead to the opposite outcome.

Rather, keep them motivated and hungry for new challenges so they may aspire to be the greatest in-house SEO team you could ask for.


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