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Whenever we talk about SEO, the name that first appears in our mind is Google. But do you know, Bing is the second most popular and used search engine across the globe? If you want to generate more traffic for your website,  you have to optimize your site for Yahoo,  Bing who is not only next to Google but also has a lucrative number of target audiences. 

85% of Bing users are from the US. All the Bing users search on Internet Explorer.  Bing is the favourite search engine for advertisers and SEO agencies. 

What is Bing?

Bing is a web search engine that is operated and owned by  Microsoft. Bing has a history with MSN Search,  Windows Live Search. It started with MSN Search in 1998 and changed with Windows  Live Search and Live Search. In October 2020 Bing appeared with a new name, Microsoft Bing. 

It provides a long list of search services like video, images,  location, web, product and so on.

Why choose Bing SEO?

There are some important reasons for selecting Bing as your search engine. 

  • Less competition 

As Google is used by maximum users,  Bing faces less competition in the global market. It has a 6.79 per cent market share for desktop users. Bing has a growth of 41.03 per cent since 2019 among desktop users. 

  1. Bing has a lower ranking drop rate

This is another important fact about Bing it has a lower bounce rate. The ranking of your website is predictable, ensured and consistent. Bing users are frequently clicked on and viewed. 

  • Bing SEO is less complicated 

Most SEOs use difficult and different algorithms which are very hard to crack.  But Bing SEO is less complicated than any other SEO. It is more clarified and comprehensible about its ranking factors than any other SEOs.  

  • Bing offers niche marketings

Bing is the best platform for business and digital marketing.  It provides a long list of niche marketing opportunities like smart campaigns, displays ads, dynamic search ads etc.

  1. Areas where Bing is next to none

In images, videos search Bing is still the champion of the virtual market. Image search is preferred on Bing by the users because the results are produced very fast, with proper acknowledgement and licensing information.

For video search, Bing provides quick,  hassle-free results with a thumbnail grid. This thumbnail grid helps to watch the videos along with the SERPs. 

Online searching from any voice associated device is powered by Bing. Amazon Echo users prefer Bing and Alexa is also powered by Bing. 

How to increase ranking rate in Bing SEO

  1. Use authentic links and Backlinks 

Bing SEO is highly dependent on Backlinks. Bing prefers links from high authority sites. There are two types of Backlinks preferred by Bing. 

  • Organic links which are used by related and trusted sites are preferred by Bing. 
  • Links related to authentic and reputed old sites are favoured by Bing. 
  • Be careful about keywords 

Unlike Google Bing uses the basics of SEO strategies. It favours on-page SEO features to rank the sites. Bing favours straightforward keywords and many simple, basics of SEO strategies. It focuses on 

  • Keywords specific results 
  • Emphasis on exact keywords 
  • Engaging and high-quality content 
  • Meta descriptions, title, meta keywords for ranking. 
  • Relevant, precise and perfect keywords. 
  1. Presence on Social media influences Bing SEO ranking 

Today your presence on social media increases your ranking,  visibility and popularity among users. Bing uses social handles to check the popularity of your site.

You should share your content on social media to ensure your ranking in Bing SEO. It resists all the ways to get fake followers. 

  • Create exclusive content 

Engaging,  informative and precise content is the lifeline of any website. To get a high ranking in Bing SEO you must create exclusive content.  It should be loaded with relevant keywords. The content should be original,  plagiarism-free and grammatical errors free.

You should do research for keywords and find out the most frequently searched topics.

As Bing emphasizes content,  you should include new information in your content and website. Upgraded, exclusive content ranks high on Bing. 

  • Improve your on-page SEO

You should optimize the titles and descriptions. Use the HTML title that is relevant to the queries. You should not be repetitive and too lengthy. If you use Open Graph, make it authentic. Never block Bingbot because it indexed your content. 

  • Carefully optimize the images 

Bing has a great store for images.  You can pick up any image related to your content. But do not forget to 

  • Maintain visual consistency.
  • Add a  descriptive alt text. 
  • The alt text must include important keywords. 
  • Focus on Bing places

Bing Places is a list that provides the best local search results to the users. You should claim your business and create a list on Bing Places to improve your local SEO ranking

  • Use Webmaster Tools 

Webmaster Tools help to index your website. Bing will understand,  index and handle your content better if you use this tool.

Some exclusive facts that you should know about Bing are 

  • Users of 40 different languages can use Bing. Microsoft Bing Translator App has made it possible. 
  • With a 45% higher CTR rate than Google,  Bing is the most popular SEO for advertising companies. 
  • More than 48%of searches on Bing are from Windows 10.
  • Bing is available on 1.5 billion devices. 
  • Bing provides rewards for its users. 

Bing and Yahoo: what is the relation?

In 2009 Microsoft and Yahoo collaborated and announced a deal that declared that Bing would power Yahoo! search. 

So technically  Yahoo is a portal that uses Bing for delivering search results. It means Yahoo shares the same source to provide results. 

Bing SEO is fast expanding its market. It has become a reliable search engine for many users across the world. Advertising companies, entrepreneurs prefer Bing for its gradually widening digital territory. Bing SEO strategies mainly depend on generating organic traffic. So if you want to rank high your site on a primary search engine you should follow the steps discussed in this article


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