What is Google Data Studio?

google data studio

 Google Data Studio is an internet device for changing statistics into customizable informative reviews and dashboards delivered through Google on March 15, 2016, as a part of the corporation Google Analytics 360 suite. In May 2016 Google introduced an unfastened model of Data Studio for people and small teams. Data Studio is a free online device that turns your facts into informative, easy to read, smooth to share, and customizable dashboards and reports. 


 Google Data Studio for SEO: 

Nowadays, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requires a lot from marketers, and successful search optimization techniques depend on third-party equipment and the information that they provide. You may be crushed by the facts furnished through that equipment due to the fact it’s now no longer smooth to extract actionable insights from the information. That’s why you need GDS. This article will create a search engine dashboard GDS. 

Google Data Studio has custom information connectors that you may use to visualise any information aggregate that is required, which can in turn be used to make a story. With Google Data Studio, you may construct a search engine optimization Dashboard that may be used to extract crucial insights on how exclusive variables of a dataset are related. You can then use the insights which can provide you with an information-pushed technical SEO strategy.  

It is one aspect to research statistics you may hold close as an advertising specialist. It is some other to visualise it in an impactful way. Data visualization offers you the energy to show hundreds of data into treasured insights to inform compelling testimonies that assist you to make information-pushed decisions.  

You can obtain this with SEO reporting equipment like Google Data Studio (GDS). If you have ever handled GDS, phrases like “data blending”, “custom segments” and “dimension breakdown” are possible to make you shiver. Despite its complexity, GDS is one of the maximum effective SEO reporting equipment available. This is why we’ve got evolved a file template to assist SEO experts save time on putting in dozens of widgets and completely knowing the device itself. Thankfully, equipment like Google Data Studio makes it smooth to create SEO dashboards with all the records and analytics you want in a single centralized place. The best SEO dashboards offer a bird’s-eye view of SEO campaigns and projects, telling a clean narrative of whether or not your SEO approach or deliverables advanced impressions, natural traffic, or different key performance indicators (KPIs) in seek engine optimization. There are many methods to leverage GDS to stage up your SEO reporting and better recognize the state of your SEO projects. In this guide, Manick Bhan, the founder and CTO of LinkGraph, an award-prevailing SEO and virtual advertising and marketing agency, and the author of SearchAtlas explains how to make use of Google Data Studio to begin telling extra impactful data testimonies about SEO performance. 

 What is Data Storytelling?  

Data storytelling is the cap potential to speak insights from datasets through the use of visuals, narratives, and reports. In SEO, information storytelling needs to speak progressed seek visibility for a website. The not unusual place features of exquisite information storytelling include: 

(1) Accurate, complete data 

 (2) Relevant, attractive visuals 

 (3) Clear, compelling narratives that communicate to a target audience  

 (4) Reporting and metrics that display significant effect and results 

Digital entrepreneurs that create SEO dashboards in Google Data Studio must aim to satisfy the above requirements of data storytelling. Creating powerful data narratives has all varieties of advantages to the increase of an SEO enterprise or SEO provider, like earning new clients, enhancing consumer retention, proving cost and sales boom, and levelling up SEO reporting to offer extra strategic insights.  


Benefits of Google Data Studio for Data Storytelling: 

 Beyond being free, Google Data Studio’s ease of use and user-pleasant interface makes it smooth for each person to create and personalize their SEO dashboards and reviews.  

Depending on your SEO offerings or the dreams of your campaigns, you may create reviews that are mainly tailor-made for your goal audience. Google Data Studio permits customers to: 

(1) Combine records from numerous sources 

(2) Visualize any data combination 

(3) unlimited customization  

(4) Easily present greater complicated subject matters or metrics 

(5) Save time with automatic record construction and information compilation 

(6) Help people with less information of SEO information benefit strategic insights 

(7) Create custom reporting and dashboards that consist of your very own emblem and branding 


 Getting Started with Google Data Studio: 

After you create your free account, you may begin developing SEO dashboards and reviews inside the Google Data Studio platform. To get acquainted with using the platform, ensure you apprehend the basics. 

Google Data Studio Connectors: It has almost 500 different “connectors,” that you may use to import datasets into your website. These connectors consist of Google systems in addition to third-party platforms, mentioned in GDS as “Partner Connectors.” Some of the maximum famous encompass: 

1)Google Search Console 

(2) Google Analytics 

(3) Google Ads 

(4) Ahrefs Site Audit 

(5) Amazon RedShift 

(6(Cloud Spanner 

(7) eBay 

(8) YouTube Analytics 

And more! For SEO dashboards specifically, you may need to ensure the connectors you pick out encompass datasets for natural search, consisting of keyword rankings, natural clicks, impressions, and different key SEO metrics. 



Final Thoughts on Google Data Studio: 

Like all of Google’s free platforms, there may be a lot of prices available from turning into acquainted with the available functions and capabilities. While using GDS, you may be assured that no different dataset for a website asset can be as complete or accurate. However, in case you discover that Google Data Studio’s interface or visualizations aren’t the exceptional matches to your information storytelling needs, there is different rank monitoring software program equipment which might be constructed the usage of Google’s API, that means the equal accurate, updated data, however inside a distinctive interface and platform. Whether you make use of GDS or different SEO data monitoring tools, it’s never too late to begin telling data tales in the manner that most benefits your brand. The rewards are too exact to skip up: Improved customer acquisition, retention, and sales growth. 


CREDITS: https://improvado.io/blog/seo-dashboard-in-google-data-studio


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