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SEO is the art and science which ensures that search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing recommend a website using the best solution to their problems. To bring the visitors through search engines you must ensure that the search engines should understand who are you and what you offer second thing is to make your content deliverables and the final is to convince the search engine that you are the most credible option of their users. We use search engine optimisation to bring down the valuable traffic or free organic traffic and you do not have to pay any amount for ranking of the result for your visitors to visit on your website. 

The search engine provides the best result when users search for something they help to create a strong keyword based on an algorithm that understands the questions and evaluates them to relative merits to the possible answers by reading the webpage. It wants to send its user a great experience on a particular website the search engine optimisation focus on the quality and quantity of the site content, the user-friendliness and the design and its navigation. On-page search engine optimization you should focus on technical search engine optimisation and content optimisation for SEO. 

Off-page search engine optimisation refers to a signal that is sent to search engines from third-party websites this category of factors mainly includes the links and mention of your pages on other people’s websites or profiles on social media. A relevant authorities sites link to your content which sends a very strong signal to search engines indicating that the content is popular and worthwhile. People usually used to link content from their website or social media profile accounts because they appreciate it links Indicate that the piece of content, the website and the author are fully trusted authoritative sources of information. 

The uses of search engines are crawling and are looking at sites structure analysing all the internal links to find the most relevant content to speed up this process and to ensure that all the vital links which will be e found by search engine crawlers is sitemap file is implemented This XML encoded file is located in the site root folder and is written following recruitment. The publication team office portal has hundreds of links to be e referred for its pages and subside and also a couple of million for the publication people in titles and other content exposed for essays and reuses for the publication of his portal the sitemap file is generated through an automatic process which removes and add the new URLs that have been deleted this is yours site map updated on a daily or weekly basis. 

The sitemap file consists of many compressed sitemap index files due to the number of URLs which provides a list of the uncompressed sitemap files and contains a list of the relevant URLs. Videos and images are not in the sitemap scope to be recognised directly by the search engine crawlers. The search engines are of three types crawler best search engines, human-powered directories and hybrid search engines. Crawler best search engines create the listing automatically they cross the wave that people search through what they have found if weigh pages are changed crawler best search engines eventually find out this changes and effects how those pages are listed page title, body copy and other elements also play a vital role. The life span of a typical web query normally last UPTU less than half a second then also it involves several different steps that must be completed before the result it can be delivered to a person seeking information:-the web server sends the query to the index service the content inside the index of the back of a book is similar to the content inside the index service it indicates which page in includes words that match the query.

 The query travel to the document servers which retrieves the store documents, search results are returned to the user in a fraction of a second secondly a human power directly depends upon a human for its listing directory gets its information from the submission that includes a short description of the directory for the entire site or from editors who write one for the site they review. 

A technique that is useful for improving a listing within a search engine has nothing to do with improving a listing in a directory they only need expectation for a good site whose content is good and might be more likely to get reviewed for free than poor sites. The third type of search engine is hybrid which is extremely common for crawler type and human-powered result combination a hybrid search engine will favour one type of listing over another while searching. 

No business can ignore the popularity of social network sites millions of potential customers are ready to listen and pay attention the same could also be said about the power of SEO which allows business pages to be found instantly through keyword searches. Generally, rears are allowed to mix if customers want to search for a website they will Google it and if users want to get in touch with their friends they will log in to Facebook accounts but there is an option to have the best of both worlds. 

Network sites can resolve to around any topics of matter which are the most useful sense of waves having can join through to social media groups that review sites to discover themselves through random browsing there is more impressive Play Store on searching reviewing and sharing sites which displays a personal profile first used a way to feel boredom, it is now a going Trend and effective in searching. Publishing a process and systematic SEO for any website is very important.



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