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The new search engine provides the latest news articles stories and headlines from worldwide sources. The most famous news search engine is Google news it provides news in 40 reasonal editions. Countries from different regions have home pages on which news stories are prominently displayed during searching preference is given to sources originating from the particular region which means results are given a higher relevance score and appear higher up in the search list if you try the same search query in different language editions you will exactly get the same number of hits but the different result list because the way the relevance algorithm is adapted to that region. 

The auto-generated start page of the different editions of news is dependent on the underlying clustering technology at the code of search engine news. This technology helps to create an attractive start page providing each addition with a different phase according to the geographical region clustering is one of the important features because it is active in search result pages as well as it provides a view of news events rather than individual articles and it is convenient because of the simple fact that same article will be posted on several newspaper websites. Many sites are Holi dependent on the content originating from news agencies from their international and national news which means that search engine does not use clustering the same story will appear much time within a single result list. 

There will be small variations because some parts are occasionally edited out due to space restriction but you will see many repeated headlines in the result list from a news search engine that does not use clustering. In the pain of the left screen, you can remove all the images from the stories by clicking on the headlines also you can look at the images by clicking on ‘images’. 

There is a section in the right called ‘Google fast flip’ which is the first flip experimental person of Google news on the Google apps website toward the bottom of the pages there is also a link to follow to return to the standard edition and leave your personalised edition of the start page. Fast flip provides many graphical interfaces in which story are displayed as a mode of the image of the original webpage where Google news has found their articles. Below these graphics the headline is shown in blue text one can scan fastly through the stories by clicking on the Blue Arrow to the right of the previews. With each click of the arrow, another batch of the story image is close across the screen.

Fast flip is the graphically pleasing way of browsing for articles and when something grabs the attention you can click on the image to enlarge it. You can visit Google labs if you like fast sleep where there is many versions of tools with several sections to customise more freely are available. Taking look at the ‘advanced news’ which provides some interesting possibilities for your research in the upper part called ‘find results’ there are four search boxes intended to make it easy to apply some basic search logic. In the first box, you can enter what’s that should be present in all articles retrieved by the searches in the second box you can enter an exact fresh that you want to find in the stories text in the third box you can type a list of words from which at least one should be present in the result and at the last box which allows you to specify words that are absent from the results. 

The last features can be a powerful tool for a wedding out unwanted results but need to be used with some causes. SEO helps to provide the ability to keyword search across thousands of new resources by crawling the web it also provides the ability to browse categories of news where the headlines are highlighted.

Google news is the top in the search result in news it helps to reach the new audience and attract the newsreader to your website with its use you can discovered current events worldwide news from different publishers. Google news lets its users learn about and engage with you. Its experience includes prominent branding, monetization opportunities. One can use the Google tools to share the content with Google news by submitting RSS feeds, website URLs or videos. 

Even if you are not able to set up a publication in publisher centre Google can find your site through the normal web crawl. You can block essays to the content on your website if you don’t want to surface in Google news without effective indexing and ranking in Google search. To be considered in a Google news ranking you do not need to sign up through the publisher centre it provides some benefits like controlling your content and branding experience like designing the brand and customising your publication in Google news. 

It helps to promote monetizing opportunities one can use paywalls in Google news through subscribe mode. Google helps in placement eligibility in the way that the publishers who have set up and submitted the Google news publication in publisher centres are only eligible to appear in the new stand section of the application in that particular countries and regions on which they are applicable. We have described many features of the result page but there are a few more that should be mentioned, you can restrict your search of two blogs on a news website, you can also zoom in on a specific time frame by clicking on the time interval links. 

Some other interesting things that are found at the bottom of the page are links to create emails alert for your search and to create a customised section on the Google news start page the help link at the bottom of the page directs you to the Google news help forum where you can find the answer to the questions on a different new search.


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