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Keeping up with the latest events in SEO podcasts are a great way. Podcasts involve a wide range of activities and are the first moving space which is reflected in this top SEO podcast chosen for 2022. The best thing about this podcast is that each one out here will help search marketers to become better at what they do. Some search marketing related podcasts were selected because of the trustworthiness of the information and how inspiring they are for SEO professionals. Podcasts are not an exception and SEO of any kind needs to use the right podcast keywords. The role of keyword is to tell Google that your episode is relevant to a user search and thus make it more likely to be featured in results and your show can appear in Google search results with smart podcast SEO. 

A podcast requires minimal effort from the listener’s side and still helps them to learn a lot, as well as its content, is in a format that is very easy to consume. This is also especially helpful for a technical topic like SEO for which there is no end to the amount of knowledge that you can gain. SEO in itself is a vast topic and one best thing about it is that SEO principles keep on changing from time to time. SEO expert changes their tactics with every new search engine algorithm update and in such a dynamic industry it is very challenging to keep up with the changes as well as reading long blog posts all the time is not always feasible and easy. 

So listening to an SEO podcast is the natural alternative for people who want to say updated on SEO trends without investing too much time. Some of the best SEO podcasts are Authority hacker podcast, Edge of the web, Search engine nerds, SEO 101, cashing in on content marketing, experts on the wire, search talk live, Search on Tap and many more. Firstly Authority hacker podcast is one of the best SEO podcasts today and is hosted by SEO experts like Gael Breton and Mike Webster. It covers important topics like digital marketing, content marketing and SEO but mainly revolves around SEO topics. A conversational and casual format is followed by the hosts where they casually discuss SEO topics and they often round up questions asked by their audience and answer those. 

Secondly, Edge of the web is another excellent SEO podcast which is hosted by SEO expert Erin Sparks who follows an interview-style podcast format where he invites all his prominent guests to cover various digital marketing and SEO topics. This podcast series has over 300 episodes and is still going strong and coming up with new and informative topics every week. It is the best podcast for you to stay updated on the latest industry. Next is Search Engine Nerds which aims to deliver SEO expertise and insights from SEO experts to their audience. It is usually hosted by Brent Csutoras and Lauren Baker or other experts from search engine journals and then they also invite popular SEO experts and thought leaders to share their expertise on specific SEO related topics. 

It is one of the best SEO podcasts available on iTunes and Stitcher. Cashing in on content marketing is a weekly content marketing podcast and their goal is to pass along the best advice about providing the ROI of your content marketing work. Another very nice SEO podcast is Experts on the Wire which is hosted by Dan Shure and is a digital marketing and SEO podcast that is broadcasted every other week. Along with a major focus on SEO, this podcast series also focuses on other digital marketing topics. Prominent digital marketing and SEO experts are invited by the host and they are interviewed over here on the latest industry topics. Dan tries to keep the podcast interactive by running contests to encourage more audience participation and answering all the questions. To keep the listeners engaged he always keeps his style casual and conversational. 

Search talk live is an SEO podcast which is hosted by experienced SEO experts Robert O’Haver and Matt Weber. Through this podcast examples on various SEO related topics and first-hand experiences are shared by them and their main goal is to teach people ethical SEO practices instead of unethical ways of improving their search rankings. Another most important SEO podcast is Search on Tap which is exceptional among others and has a much more exciting format as this is more like a round table discussion while having beers and the names search on tap adequately justify in the podcast format. Reinhart and Stephan Bajaio brought to talk about SEO content marketing and much more. 

While the show format may be very casual but it does not mean that it is not informative. The guest and host discuss a variety of interesting topics as well as provide examples from the field. Lastly one of the most important SEO podcasts which are like a brainchild of the SEO expert is MozPod. Brains Childs wanted to create content in his SEO podcast that is very easy to consume. It is very difficult for people in today’s Era to go through numerous blog posts to learn the basics of SEO so he started MozPod as an easy way for people to learn SEO on the go. The brain follows an interview-style for his podcast and invites leading marketing experts and SEO experts to share some insights on SEO and some digital marketing and SEO topics. 

To cater to beginners who are still learning the nuances of SEO he always keeps his questions simple. While the podcast series ended in 2018 it is still an informative essay on podcast series which provides plenty of timeless advice. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced SEO professional still you can find something to learn from the above mention SEO podcast and this always needs to be followed to learn everything you need to know about SEO. It is a great way to listen to SEO podcasts about SEO tactics from experts and stay updated on the latest SEO trends and the best part of it is that you can listen to this is SEO podcast on the go without spending too much time and effort. 



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