Knowledge panel optimization

Knowledge Panel Optimization

An information box that can show the features of an entity, its attributes, and prominence for a topic with the information from Google’s Knowledge Graph is the Knowledge Panel. Information is automatically generated in the knowledge panel, and information appears from different sources on the web. 

From various open web sources, google can combine information with data provided by data partners on specific topics, such as movies or music. The knowledge panels of Google include the information of prominent entities from nature (self-authoritative) such as prominent individuals or the creators of a television show.

 Different images can be chosen by Google for a knowledge panel that defines the entity from the open web. Some control over the Knowledge Panel is also given by Google for the owner of the entity by allowing them to claim the panel and give more information, or feedback for the contents of the Knowledge Panel. the process of organizing and optimizing a knowledge panel for an entity from the search engine result page is known as Knowledge panel management. 

Consistent information should exist on different sources on the web to optimize and organize the information on a knowledge panel for an entity and the entity should be notable, prominent, and authoritative. Posting for the specific entity, or publishing videos from the Google Cameos for the specific questions from the audience, and correcting the information on the Knowledge Panel is included in Knowledge panel management. 

SERP can include inaccurate information in many Knowledge Panels on Google and other search engines. So to improve the quality of the knowledge panels for helping the web search engine users the Search Engines follow three different methods. They are firstly giving control and audit authority to the representative of the entity, or owner of the identity. 

Secondly taking feedback from the search engine users about specific information in the knowledge panel and third is improving, updating, and developing knowledge graph of the search engine for the specific real-world named entities. Innovation is what Google constantly strives for with the different software, products, and services they offer. One of the innovations is Google’s knowledge graph that made a user’s search experience better and faster. Always Upload high-quality images that are relevant to your business to increase the attraction of Google showing those images in search results. 

Released back in 2012, a tool that enables users to quickly view facts about specific people, objects, places, recipes, movies, and many more is a knowledge panel. Since its release, the knowledge graph is one of the most defining facets of a user’s search experience since they are no anymore limited to just viewing the 10 blue links in the search results. 

The googles knowledge graph is a powerful and massively interesting tool. The sections and information a knowledge panel from Google, Yandex, Bing, or another Search Engine can include are : Name of the entity; Representative image of the entity; Social Media Accounts of the entity; Description of the entity; The inception date of the entity; Superior and Inferior organizations of entity; Siblings, children, spouse, father, and mother (if it is a person);Cameos Videos for the entity (if the entity is a person and celebrity with a Google Cameos Account); generated questions and answers by the Search Engine for the entity; from an authoritative source complete entity description of the specific entity; songs, books and awards of the entity (if the entity is a person); Population, GDP and capital city (if the entity is a country); Subtitle of the Entity to define it further such as consultant, internet entrepreneur and more ; Posts of the Entity’s Representative (Since, July 2021 Google removed the Posts for Knowledge Panel); Official website of the named entity. A box that contains factual information about a specific point of interest is a knowledge graph. 

Either from the primary source or a group of reliable sources the box is sourced by Google and found on the world wide web the information. Here is an example of a complete knowledge graph or panel for the search term for “MS Dhoni ”. Most of the information that people commonly need to know about this specific person is contained in it. The details include Name; Images; Title/Official Designation; Website; Short Description (usually from Wikipedia); Birthdate; Net Worth; Spouse; Children; Quotes; Published Books and Social Media Profiles. While searching for “MS Dhoni ” other persons of interest is like users search for as well. 

If I search for “MS Dhoni”, I would not need to check the search results anymore since everything I need is already displayed in the knowledge graph. Although not all knowledge graphs are as extensive as MS Dhoni, what is important here is being able to let Google find the necessary information they need on a certain topic or search term and let them display it for you. It is not impossible to better optimize a knowledge graph panel so that Google will notice at the very least, that you are providing more and better information to improve their knowledge graphs. Some steps that can be done to “influence” Google’s Knowledge Panels are: firstly optimize your structured Data Markup. 

As SEOs, it is very well the importance of structured data and how it can help our CTRs and rankings. But the information contained in our website’s structured data is not known by a lot of people but also used by Google’s Knowledge Graph algorithm to present a piece of factual and complete information for the users. 

Secondly, create and optimize your Google my business listing. Create your Google My Business Listing and fill out all the information required(that you can provide) since that particular information can be used by Google for your business’s Knowledge Graph. The most important one is to fill up your information on social media. 

If you do not have a website it doesn’t matter because if you are a notable person or a person of authority in your specific field then Google will instead itself rely on your social media profiles for information and validation. So, if possible then get your social media profiles validated since that improves authority and authenticity.


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Knowledge Panel Optimization

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SERP can include inaccurate information in many Knowledge Panels on Google and other search engines.

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SERP can include inaccurate information in many Knowledge Panels on Google and other search engines.

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