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SEO Campaign and its success are highly dependent on KPI Measurement. There are multiple factors or variables which play an important role in SEO Campaigns and hence successful ones rely on a robust control mechanism to ensure that work is delivered productively.

If you can’t measure SEO, you can’t improve it. To accurately measure SEO success, we must know what we are trying to achieve and the various steps necessary to do so. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are factors or key controllers which helps managers and individuals identify what works and weed out what doesn’t. It also helps out by providing an early signal about where are you going wrong and if something is not going as expected. We must factor in all variables and carefully measure the results of each and every tactic we implement.

 It is very essential to prove the value and ROI of your SEO efforts by measuring KPI in a correct way. KPIs are good benchmarks for both clients and internal stakeholders as they can measure you against different metrics standardized categorically. SEO KPIs like keyword rankings from tools like Moz or Majestic SEO serve as key factors if you want to increase sales and get leads— not simply improved positions and hikes in Domain Authority. 

High rankings that drive lots of traffic can be earned easily but that doesn’t guarantee the traffic being seen is qualified. On the other hand, small traffic can be generated which increases and leads to significant jumps in revenue. So it’s crucial to get a wide variety of metrics in our back pocket as an SEO. By tracking the right performance metrics, you’ll be able to answer all these questions. What’s most important?- monitoring the right KPIs is the best way to avoid spending time and money on something that isn’t driving the expected profit. If we have followed a structured methodology for creating a digital marketing plan, we will have identified some specific objectives for the business and our marketing.

Our measurement KPIs should map to these objectives, allowing us to clearly demonstrate how the activities we undertake in an SEO campaign are helping us move towards our business objectives. Effectively measuring the results of SEO and digital marketing campaigns is a huge challenge. Multiple tools are available online like google analytics, but they have to be manually aligned to serve our business objectives. It also needs to be stitched with our SEO Campaign goals to track our digital success.

If we are able to track multiple metrics we can have the evidence needed to prove the value of our efforts when standard metrics do not show a complete picture.

When you understand the customer’s real objectives behind ranking for a given keyword, you can provide more value and better service. Most importantly, you can tie KPIs to these business objectives, allowing you to talk in a language the decision-makers can understand. 

The only way to remain at the top of your game is to measure and analyse relevant search performance metrics. It is a very critical success to monitor the right SEO KPIs. Some major reasons you should be tracking the metrics that matter the most to your SEO strategy are to measure SEO ROI. By tracking the metrics that matter the most you can tell if your SEO efforts are directly impacting your revenue and profits or not. 

The next reason for tracking the SEO metrics is to identify improvement opportunities and measure progress against set goals. Our SEO goals  should ultimately align our overall business goals and objectives. Typically, SEO contributes its fair share in helping drive traffic to your website, increasing conversions, increasing brand visibility and awareness, and surpassing the competition.

To know about the most important SEO metrics several marketers were asked out by us to tell us more about the metrics they track and how they track them. When we asked our respondents what SEO tools are used by them to measure SEO campaign performance. We got a response that nearly 80% use Google Search Console. After that, the most popular tools include SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz. We wanted to know next what metrics SEOs track with these tools and why are those metrics important. 

If you need to track multiple SEO metrics across multiple tools than you can use tools like Databox to consolidate all our metrics into a central dashboard. Let’s discuss some KPIs to track our SEO performance and drive better results. First is organic traffic. The KPI measures how many visitors come to our website from organic search results. It’s one of the most important metrics to consider, as its growth denotes you reached the main SEO objective: growing the number of people seeing and visiting your website.

If you work with Google Analytics, you can easily track daily searches in your site traffic. Go to the ‘Audience > Overview’ report, click on the ‘Add Segment,’ and select the ‘Organic Traffic’ filed. Next is search visibility. Search engine visibility indicates how often your domain is shown in search results for the keywords it’s ranking for. Tracking search visibility, you can see the positive dynamics even before your site starts attracting visitors. 

This score can be a key driver for all your SEO-based activity. Search engine visibility score is extremely useful if you want to monitor the early results of website optimization. Another KPI to track our SEO performance is Organic CTR. This CTR is also an important search engine ranking signal. For instance, if your search snippets don’t look appealing enough, even high rankings would not help you attract more visitors. 

As a result, your (Click-through rate) CTR leaves much to be desired. Low CTR will tell search robots your site does not meet users expectations, which may result in lower rankings. Focusing on traffic and rankings, people often make a huge mistake overlooking this KPI. Tracking your organic CTR, you can find out why your high impressions don’t result in significant traffic and fix the problem.

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