Product Page Optimization

product pages optimization

Because of the fast-paced growth at which the industry moves, Optimization is one of the most valuable in the eCommerce world. Ecommerce business owners are being forced to stay on their feet due to the fluidity of customer demand and the rapid development of technology optimizing their sites for SEO value and to improve customer engagement.

The product which is designed not only to be found via search engines but also which convert browsers into buyers is said to be an optimized product page. If market competition is tough with the competitors in such case search engine optimization will help a lot  Appearing in the top results of any prominent search engine is the end-goal for optimizing product pages. 

There are several ways to optimize these pages for better search results: First to use a good quality image and add more than one product image to sell it. Share testimonials and customer reviews to know the customer reaction and experience towards that particular product that could convince other customers.

There should be a consistent brand and logo to make it unique from other products. Always include keywords relevant to the product in the page’s title tags and product descriptions to get customer details about the product. Pages are the part of the site that is selling the product or through which customers are getting the product or it is the source converting visitors of that page into a customer.

So While driving traffic to your homepage is important, it’s arguably more critical to get customers to product pages. A recent industry study found that there are more than three-quarters of Web users who are failed to buy a particular product or item when they didn’t recognize the logo.

There are Some restrictions that a page must follow to avoid loss of traffic- Poor product descriptions, including the generic ones written by manufacturers, Titles that are not unique to your website, duplicate content, No backlink or wrong internal link, no reviews, no case study this are some NOs to be followed in page. By optimizing your product pages, you have a great chance of driving conversions to your website. While it is important to develop traffic to the home page, eCommerce business owners must optimize product pages for higher search results. 

Once product pages are designed for SEO, then more customers are likely to go to visit these specific pages and have a higher chance of purchasing since they were directed to what they were originally shopping for. To make a product page great the owner must follow four things, first one Your product is obviously at the centre stage since it is having the chance to shine, but what exactly you are selling might inform how it is presented and the questions your customers are having before they can commit or decide to buy.

The brand name is the second most essential thing on your product page, it is important from social media to your post sail mails With the way products are discovered these days, someone may never see the homepage before buying from you, so branding on your pages matters. You must combine the written information your customers need with your brands in a unique voice and tone, it is the reason why copywriting is important. Your page design and the user’s experience.

On a product page, one has to give those details to their customers -personal details to testimonials, display them in such a way that visitors can get valuable help from them. You can provide personal details of the reviewers it can help visitors to more easily relate to the commenter and can relate clearly about the product. By the details of the reviewer, one can easily compare the commenter to himself and decide if their comments are relevant to him.

The most important thing to display your product on your page If two online stores selling the same item. one with unfocused and blurry product image and the other with clear and good quality images, it is simple to guess the visitors will like which product. In an online store inability to see the product with their own eyes is an obstacle for them, in such situations the displayed image can only attract and describe the product, displaying your product in a clear way can improve conversions and decrease the percentage of returning of the product. 

According to Google percentage, half of the visitors looks for the product video to easily relate the product. So it will be helpful for the customer if a video of the product is provided on the page, it will help the customer to judge the product three dimensional about the shape and size and also the quality resulting in the increase of organic traffic to the site. It will be also helpful if the seller provides a 360° product image, we know that all the products are not suitable for little runway videos or close-ups, so there is a smart way to display the product in detail by the method of 360- degree product image.

If you cannot use product pictures or video or 360-degree images on your online site there is another way to display the product in detail one of the great ways to show the product in action, displaying the product in real life will be much easier for the visitor to judge it.

You can get your visitor interested in your product with one huge element that influences visitors buying decisions at that stage is shipping according to big commerce shipping charges and speed of shipping influence to decide to buy a product. At this stage, visitors want to see cleared and detailed shipping information They will abandon the cart and never return to it if they found any bad surprise during checkout.

When people shop they want to know the exact or estimated date when they will receive that particular product, they always want to get items as soon as possible therefore providing an estimated date of delivery will help visitors to make decisions Better and faster. Do not use confusing words such as 2-4 days instead of that try to show the exact date when visitors will receive the product. These are the factors to be used for the proper runway on the product page.


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Product Pages Optimization

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